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Operating exclusively in the East Midlands & South Yorkshire regions we offer a local service tailored to your particular requirements.

Take Back Control of Your Property in Four Easy Steps

Guidance from experienced professionals

Being an effective landlord means undertaking a host of responsibilities and duties, managing a tenancy to the best of your abilities and fulfilling your obligations. Often, situations arise in a tenancy that create stressful and legally complex issues for which you will need guidance from experienced professionals.

The team at 360 Degree Property Solutions Ltd has helped countless landlords through the circumstances that a tenancy can create. We set ourselves the highest standards of service, not only to help you fulfil our ambitions, but ensure that your duties as a landlord are exceeding expectations. That is why our customer base is only growing.

To understand how we work and the methods we will take for your case, read about our approach below.

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Our 4 Step Approach…

Step 1: Take Control

We take control of the situation by:

  • Understanding the situation and your requirements
  • Issuing notices to the tenant.
  • Managing the tenancy for you, if necessary
  • Starting any debt recovery action.
  • 80% of our cases are resolved before involving the courts!
Step 2: Take Action

On the day the notice period ends, we:

  • Arrange the preparation of the court paperwork.
  • Upon your approval, submit your claim to the courts on your behalf.
Step 3: Take It To Court

If the case goes to court, we will:

  • Arrange the preparation and presentation of the court bundles.
  • Deal with any queries.
  • If you require it we can organise a legal representative to advocate for you in court.
  • 100% success rate in obtaining a possession order in court hearings.
Step 4: Take Possession

If the tenant does not leave the property by the judge’s deadline:

  • We can instruct bailiffs.
  • We can attend the eviction, saving you any confrontation.

We’re here to lend a hand, responding within 24hrs. Instruct us today.


A Tailored Strategy


Our aims, objectives and performance complement each other to create a strategic plan of support bespoke to your situation and specific needs.

We will first listen to your circumstances and understand the situation in which you find yourself in, then work alongside you to develop a plan to overcome any challenges you are currently facing. We will guide you through the best practices and help you to understand your legal duties and responsibilities.

Dedicated And Passionate


Property management and law is our passion, so you will feel this from the moment of first contact.

Our team of landlord specialists want the very best for you, and while this will involve thorough hard work, it is something that we take pleasure in. When you choose 360 Degree Landlord Services, you choose a team of experienced professionals who make your daily responsibilities that much more enjoyable.

Taking The Stress Away


The difficulty in managing a property portfolio, whether big or small, stems largely from the fact that you must be prepared for the unexpected. Every tenancy will be different, and whilst it is preferable that there are no issues with the property and your relationship with your tenant, this is not always the case.

Sometimes, issues or challenges occur that can seem stressful, especially if the dispute seems to only be leading to further problems and perhaps legal involvement. At 360 Degree Property Solutions Ltd, the team has experience in dealing with matters succinctly, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on the smooth running of your portfolio.

Many property laws have timescales that must be met, and the consequences of not doing so can lead to further legal and financial implications. We are here to ensure you receive the guidance and support required to meet the deadlines related to your duties as a landlord.

Finding Out-Of-Court Resolutions


When there is a dispute between landlord and tenant, it can be frustrating to try and reach a compromise or resolution. If involved in a dispute, you want the situation to be resolved quickly, to not have to deal with an issue which could later grow and take up more of your time, stress and money.

Our thoroughly proven services are as streamlined as possible, ensuring that we resolve efficiently and effectively, minimising the risk of further disputes and making sure you are exercising your rights as a landlord.

Through an empathetic yet direct approach, we are at hand to deliver a range of services, thoroughly assess your situation and act in your best interests.

Get in touch with our team…

For bespoke guidance on property laws, tenancy advice, portfolio management, arrears disputes, or any other responsibility as a landlord, there is no better option than 360 Degree Landlord Services.

Start receiving on-demand support today by emailing us at enquiries@360degreeproperties.co.uk or filling in our online form to request a call back.

Relax, you’re in good hands!


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