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Operating exclusively in the East Midlands & South Yorkshire regions we offer a local service tailored to your particular requirements.

Our Expertise

Based in the heart of Sherwood Forest, we have been providing streamlined landlord services across the region since 2012. From landlords renting out single properties to those with large property portfolios, we provide our clients with the help, expertise, support and resources needed for a smooth operation.

We have built a great reputation for providing landlords with the expert advice they need. By having a local presence we can ensure an “in person” approach to settle your tenant issues. Resolving 80% of our cases before involving the courts, there is no better option for tailored guidance and on-hand support than with 360 Degree Property Solutions Ltd.

We understand that landlords, particularly those operating in the private rented sector, have multiple obligations and responsibilities that can be daunting. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to offering extensive landlord advice, assisting you to successfully manage these challenges, particularly those concerning the crucial processes of tenant eviction notice – whether that be Section 8 or Section 21.

When it comes to eviction notices, we have a profound understanding of the rules and regulations that need to be strictly adhered to. Many landlords find the eviction notice process to be exceedingly complex; however, our expert advice helps demystify this process, ensuring you can move forward with confidence.

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We can help you with…

Tenant Eviction Guidance

Tenant eviction, unfortunately, constitutes a significant part of landlord-tenant relationships. Such action may become necessary due to a variety of circumstances, the most common being rent arrears or a significant breach of the tenancy agreement. Evicting a tenant is a legal process that must be handled with meticulous care to avoid potential pitfalls.

Our tenant eviction guidance focuses on assisting landlords to comprehend the importance of serving the appropriate eviction notice and undertaking the correct landlord action. Inadequacies in serving notice or mishandling an eviction could lead to substantial legal repercussions. As tenant eviction specialists, our primary goal is to ensure landlords are thoroughly prepared and informed throughout the eviction process, thereby avoiding any missteps that may occur.

Rent Arrears & Financial Challenges

One of the unfortunate issues that may lead to tenant eviction is rent arrears. This issue can pose significant financial challenges for landlords, but our team is adept at advising landlords on the best approach to manage such situations. Our practical solutions focus on recovering owed rent and mitigating future risks. Our strategies revolve around fostering open communication, effective negotiation, and if necessary, enforcing legal action.

Our Unique Approach to Aiding Landlord Action

Landlord action is at the core of our service offerings, and we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive, bespoke support to each client. As a crucial part of our landlord action service, we guide landlords through the intricacies of UK tenancy laws, providing step-by-step guidance on serving eviction notices, dealing with rent arrears, and handling potential tenant disputes.

From the moment you contact us, we start working tirelessly to ensure that you get the support and guidance you need. No two landlords are the same, and thus we customise our approach to your unique circumstances through our initial assessment meeting. We make it our goal to simplify the complexity of landlord action, helping you understand your rights, responsibilities, and the appropriate action under various circumstances.

Our Commitment To Helping Landlords

We are steadfast in our commitment to helping landlords thrive, irrespective of the challenges they encounter. Our team is dedicated to providing insightful landlord advice and practical assistance in dealing with complex landlord issues.

We understand that effective landlord action is not just about addressing immediate concerns like tenant eviction or rent arrears. It’s also about ensuring long-term success in the ever-changing rental sector landscape. Thus, our focus extends to educating landlords about proactive management and dispute prevention, to foster a harmonious landlord-tenant relationship.

Why Choose Us?

With decades of experience, our team of tenancy and eviction specialists boasts a deep understanding of the sector. Our landlord advice is a testament to this expertise. When you need help for landlords—whether you’re dealing with tenant eviction, rent arrears, or need assistance in serving eviction notices—you can confidently turn to us for expert guidance.

We extend our assistance beyond serving notice or handling tenant eviction. We work tirelessly to ensure landlords feel confident and secure in their landlord actions, regardless of the complexities they encounter.

Count on us for comprehensive assistance when it comes to help for landlords. Our dedication to landlords’ success is unwavering. Let us guide you through the intricacies of landlord action, ensuring you are well-prepared, informed, and confident to manage your tenants and property portfolio.

Your Next Steps…

Take advantage of our comprehensive landlord advice. Reach out to us today for help in serving notice, managing tenant eviction, handling rent arrears, or any other aspect of landlord action. In every interaction, we are committed to delivering insightful, practical, and reliable advice, guiding landlords towards a more successful future.

Don’t navigate the complexities of being an experienced or new landlord alone. Contact us today, fill out our contact form and let our team provide the help for landlords you require.


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